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Kopterflug, founded 2017 in Bremen - Germany, conducts drone flights and camera inspections in industrial environments.

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Safe, fast and cost-effective inspection with drones and camera systems

The Bremen-based (Germany) Kopterflug GmbH is a drone inspection company for industry, power generation, maritime industry as well as water and wastewater industry. The main focus is on the development of inspection procedures and the conduct of remote visual inspections – indoors also with the Flyability ELIOS drone and the Flyability ELIOS 2 drone. We work for customers in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the iron and steel industry, the cement industry, the ceramics industry as well as power plants and plants for waste, hazardous waste and biomass incineration. Thanks to drone and camera systems, inspections can be conducted safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Our field of application are visual inspections of buildings, silos, roofs, chimneys, vessels, tanks (e.g. clean water tanks and digestion tanks), reactors, pipe supports, pipelines, silos, safety valves, pipe compensators etc.

The advantages of remote inspections at a glance

Drones and cameras can be deployed quickly

An inspection by drone or 360° camera can be deployed at extremely short notice and delivers immediate results.

Remote inspections are safe

Both the inspection by drone and the inspection by camera system usually do not require access to the facility.

Capture assets from the perfect perspective

Drones and camera systems can reach places that are otherwise difficult or even impossible to access - or at least only at great cost.

Easy location of findings and seamless documentation

UAV recordings and video inspections are ideal for the creation of condition reports or expert opinions.

Inspections by drone are cheap and "achieve" a lot

Large assets such as combustion chambers in power plants or industrial chimneys can be inspected by drone within hours to get a good overview of their condition.

Inspections are easy to repeat

Thanks to excellent documentation and process plans, we can repeat inspections at any time and make the results comparable. This requires long-term archiving, which we are happy to take over for you.

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Kopterflug drone service

Our company Kopterflug GmbH from Bremen, Germany is a service provider for visual remote inspection by drone and with camera systems. Our fields of application are companies from various industries, power generation and maritime industry. We use the state-of-the-art equipment and offer a comprehensive service from A-Z.

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Our drone operators and employees, our inventiveness and our shared passion for tackling complex problems is our most important asset and has made us one of the first contacts when it comes to industrial drone use. Our references speak for themselves!

  • Extensive experience with various assets
  • Development of individual inspection solutions
  • Extensive network of experts
  • Europe-wide inspections

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