UAV / drone based aerial Survey of industrial Sites

Easy and safe drone inspection indoors and outdoors


We inspect indoor and outdoor areas of technical facilities, industrial plants, buildings and structures


Inspection and monitoring of hard-to-reach areas


High quality recordings for expert opinions


Improvement of work safety


Shorter downtime and inspection times


Reduction of inspection costs

High-resolution camera, LED lighting, long flight time and propeller cages for collision tolerance.

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Inspections made easy!

Improvement of work safety

By using our drone, dangerous situations can be avoided for your employees.

Optimized processes

The use of our drones simplifies your operational processes.

Reduction of downtime

Our drone is ready for use within a few minutes and can fly in difficult environments.


We use our drone to inspect indoor and outdoor areas of industrial facilities, buildings and structures.

Rohre, Pipelines, Medienleitungen

Aerial Photos and Videos

We use our drone to take aerial photos of industrial plants, power stations, company premises and real estate in the highest quality. Our recordings are suitable for inspection, documentation and the preparation of expert opinions. Learn more about aerial photos by drone.

Rohre, Pipelines, Medienleitungen

Pipes, pipelines, shafts, media lines

Pipes, pipelines and media lines often run at heights of several meters or through impassable terrain. With the help of a drone, it is possible to quickly take convincing images at close distance. Learn more


Towers, masts, chimneys

The drone can be used to inspect towers, masts and chimneys safely and quickly. The recorded material is ideally suited for the preparation of expert opinions. Learn more


Buildings, roofs

With our drone we can inspect the exterior of entire buildings. Easily accessible parts of roofs are simply approached and filmed. Learn more


Production and storage halls

Halls of any kind can be accessed not only from outside but also from inside. In the production environment in particular, this is comparatively quick and easy.

Vertikaltanks, Hochtanks

Vertical tanks

Vertical tanks and entire tank farms can be inspected quickly and easily with the drone without the need for scaffolding or aerial work platforms. Learn more

… and many other fields of application. Please write to us.

Inspection of chimneys by drone

For chimneys, inspections must be carried out at regular intervals. Without the use of a drone, the chimneys have to be climbed and inspected by specially trained specialists. This is expensive for new chimneys but relatively safe. In the case of older chimneys or chimneys that are decommissioned, climbing is an enormous safety risk in addition to the time required, as the condition of a chimney is not visible from the ground. By using a drone, safety risks for specialists can be avoided. With our drone, we can easily and quickly film and photograph chimneys from all perspectives without long lead times.

Inspection of chemical tanks, tanks and tank farms

Horizontal tanks can be inspected by means of an inspection, depending on the filling medium and level, by observing the necessary safety requirements, e. g. continuous measurement and monitoring of the oxygen level. Due to the use of our equipment, such as telescopic rods with special cameras, a direct tank inspection is often unnecessary. Vertical tanks are very difficult to inspect without our drone. If the tanks have a manhole, a scaffold can be built up in the tank and then inspected section by section. The erection of a scaffold is tedious, costly and, last but not least, always poses a safety risk. With our drone we can fly over tanks easily, quickly and inexpensively and create meaningful images. For tanks that do not have adequate access for personnel or drones, we offer solutions tailored to the tank.

Inspection of media lines and other technical facilities

With our drone, extensive media lines and pipelines and large areas of any kind, such as entire company sites, can be efficiently flown off and detailed recordings made. During the inspection, the client is able to monitor and moderate the recording directly on a tablet computer. Our recordings are excellently suited for the observance of control obligations (e. g. environmental authority, operational safety) by the legislator, internal and external audits. When using the drone, operation benefits from the following advantages: short lead time, perfect documentation of operations, improved operational planning and improved operational safety. A special feature is the programmatic flying of entire areas. This means that the flights are planned beforehand on the computer and the drone then flies the mission autonomously. The resulting footage can then be repeatedly created with the same patterns.

Inspection of halls and structures at high altitudes by drone

Hall roofs or technical systems at great heights such as smoke detectors, crane rails etc. can only be inspected with lifting platforms without the use of drones. Inspection with aerial work platforms requires a longer lead time and, if necessary, to clear the affected hall. This can lead to considerable costs and security efforts. With our drone we fly quickly and safely to the places to be inspected. The simple and safe testing of smoke detectors – even in places that are difficult to access – is just as easy with our drone.

Drone, UAV, flying robot – are there differences?

Basically, there are many terms that express one and the same. The term drone is rather negatively connoted and often reminds of military aircraft. One speaks of a quadrocopter if one means an unnamed aircraft with four (4) propellers. Of course, there are also aircraft with six (6) or eight (8) propellers – they are called hexacopters or octocopters. UAV or UAS stands for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” or “Unmanned Aerial System” which respectively stands for “Unmanned Aircraft”. The flying robot is also called an unmanned aerial vehicle. So there are a lot of different terms that actually mean one and the same thing.

Special considerations for the use of drones and UAVs in industry

Nowadays there is hardly a movie without drone shots. What is used for TV productions for the creation of stylistic elements can prove to be a brilliant inspection tool elsewhere. With a drone, images can be taken in three dimensional space within a very short time. It does not matter whether this is to be done indoors or outdoors. Flights can also be made at a height of 15 metres or 100 metres. The entire operation can be monitored live on the ground by a certified person. After the operation, the technicians are directly informed about the condition of a plant and can plan any repairs or maintenance work perfectly. Of course, the downtime of plant and machinery is also reduced. Expensive, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous erection of scaffolding is also no longer necessary. Of course, there are some things to consider when using drones in industrial applications. Contamination and EMI (electromagnetic interference) are critical to drone operations and require responsible and thorough flight preparation.


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