360° Camera inspections

The revolution in the field of chimney and tank inspection

Inspection of industrial chimneys

Industrial chimneys can be perfectly inspected by 360° camera from the mouth to the flue gas duct.

An inspection by 360° camera provides a view of the entire length of the chimney from the mouth to the flue gas duct. On the recordings, cracks and spalling, corrosion, deposits, deformation and any other type of damage can be easily detected.

Inspection of tanks, vessels and reactors

Interior inspection of tanks by 360° camera.

With our 360° camera system, tanks can be inspected perfectly from the inside. No matter whether erosion, deformation or corrosion is involved, the condition of tanks or agitators, inlets and drains, the presence of screwed fittings and much more can be inspected perfectly with a 360° camera or an indoor drone.

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