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Who we are - what we do

Kopterflug GmbH

We do pioneering work in the field of industrial drone inspection

Our goals are to improve occupational safety, enhance inspections and reduce costs. Our background in manned aviation enables us to communicate with aviation authorities at eye level and to consider complex aviation law, aviatic, technical and meteorological challenges and to carry out demanding assignments. For us, visual inspections, such as drone flights or camera shots, begin with the mission planning, both in terms of process technology and aviation law, and are strictly oriented towards customer requirements. The drone mission itself is performed strictly according to standards that are based on those of manned aviation. Subsequently, we process the collected data and make it available via corporate cloud. We will be happy to help you connect the data with your maintenance software. On demand we can then inspect the same facilities or infrastructures on a recurring basis and make the data available to you in a completely convenient and transparent manner. This ensures continuous condition monitoring.

  • Extremely extensive experience with different types of plants
  • Engineering of individual solutions
  • Large network of experts
  • Europe-wide operations

We manage your project from A to Z. Planning, organisation and implementation come from one source

The company Kopterflug was founded in 2017 by Christian Engelke and exists in its present form since 2018.

Our range of services includes in particular

  • Inspection of industrial chimneys
  • Inspection of roofs
  • Inspection of building envelopes
  • Inspection of facades
  • Inspection of pipe compensators
  • Inspection of constant hangers
  • Inspection of spring hangers
  • Inspection of pipe racks
  • Inspection of pipe compensators
  • Tank inspection by drone
  • Vessel Inspection by drone
  • Inspection of digesters / digestion tanks
  • Inspection of gas flares
  • Inspection of water tanks, pure water tanks
  • Inspection of chemical reactors
  • Inspection of flue gas scrubbing systems
  • Inspection of burners
  • Inspection of superheaters
  • Inspection of flares
  • Inspection of steam turbines
  • Inventory by drone
  • Inspection of building sites
  • Documentation of the construction progress by drone
  • Video inspection via 360° camera
  • Survey by drone
  • Orthophotos by drone
  • Aerial photographs by drone
  • Consulting on industrial drone use
  • Special training courses
  • Development of individual inspection solutions

Drone Inspection

Indoor and outdoor drone flights, especially in the industrial environment for inspection of assets.


Processing and archiving of extremely large data sets in our own cloud system.

Remote camera inspection

360° camera travels through tanks, chambers, industrial chimneys or wind turbines.


Together with you we discuss inspection procedures and carry out proof-of-concepts.


Development of individual hardware for the inspection of various systems.


Consulting in the field of industrial drone operations, development of inspection solutions.

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