Drone Inspection

Safe and fast inspections of your assets by drone

Professional Drone Inspection

Kopterflug stands for safe, fast and cost-effective drone inspections. We use state-of-the-art equipment. Our operations team will fully coordinate the drone mission with you, obtain all necessary permits, travel to your locations and carry out the necessary drone flights / inspection flights. If desired, our team will be on duty for you 24/7 throughout Europe. We deliver the created footage (aerial photos, videos and reports) via our own corporate cloud.

Highly skilled team

24/7 all over Europe

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Delivery via own cloud Service

Tank inspection by drone

Safe inspection of tanks and other vessels by drone.

Within the scope of our tank inspection by drone or 360° camera, we capture the condition of nozzles or welding seams, roof constructions, drains and inlets of steel and plastic tanks. Book us now as a drone service provider for the inspection of tanks!

Inspection of Silos by drone and 360° camera.

Tanks, silos and confined spaces can be inspected excellently by drone or 360° camera. Corrosion, deposits and deformation, missing screw joints and much more can be detected perfectly. As a drone service we can support you in the inspection of vessels.

Inspection of pressure vessels / cold boxes by drone

Inspection of pressure vessels and cold boxes by drone.

We have experience with the inspection of cold boxes by drone. Even after pressure tests with nitrogen, we can inspect the system from the outside without direct access and, for example, take pictures of all welding seams. Our competence as a drone inspection company makes the inspection of pressure vessels easier and more efficient for you.

Inspection of industrial chimneys by drone

Technical installations such as chimneys, masts and towers must be inspected at regular intervals to maintain their stability and operational safety.

An inspection by drone provides insights into places that are otherwise difficult to access. What applies to the entire structure also applies to all “attachments” such as ladders, platforms, antennas, measuring and inspection platforms, muzzle covers, etc. Damage can thus be detected at an early stage and maintenance measures can be initiated. Book our drone inspection service for chimneys!

Inspection of gas flares by drone

Safe, fast and cost-effective inspection of ground flares and high flares for the chemical industry.

With our 30x zoom camera we can easily and precisely inspect burners, pipelines, heat shields, support structures, portals, handrails and the supporting structure. There is no need to erect scaffolding at all. In addition to deformation, spalling and corrosion, we can also check for the presence of screw connections.

Drone inspections in sewage treatment plants

Internal inspection of digesters by drone

With our indoor drone, the Flyability ELIOS, we can fly into digesters or digestion towers from above and inspect the digesters from the inside. In this way, for example, defects in agitators, screw connections, guying or cracks in the prestressed concrete can be inspected, located and documented. But also other drone applications in sewage treatment plants are conceivable! As a drone service company, we can help you with the inspection of digestion tanks and other systems.

Drone inspection in waterworks

Internal and external inspection of drinking water tanks / pure water tanks by drone.

Water is an indispensable resource for humanity and an elementary component of an intact environment. The storage of water in pure water tanks is inherent in the entire supply chain. Numerous utility and pure water tanks in cities and municipalities have age-related defects. Drone systems can be used to inspect drinking water tanks from the inside and outside. Renovations can thus be optimally planned. Hire us!

Stocktaking and inventory by drone

Recording of stock levels, reading of serial numbers, measurement of stockpiles.

During stocktaking, we use a drone to record the quantitative and qualitative scope of stocks, finished goods or other components of your current assets. During the inventory we record serial numbers or type plates of assets of your fixed assets with our drone. Hire us!

Inspection of cranes by drone

Bridge cranes, full gantry cranes, luffing and jib cranes, container cranes, harbour cranes and floating cranes.

Cranes are constantly exposed to high loads and also to weather conditions. For this reason, cranes, like all technical equipment, must be checked periodically by experts. Hire our drone service company and make your work safer and faster!

Inspection of vessels by drone

Inspection of the hull, ballast water tanks, transport tanks, cargo holds and much more.

The inspection of vessels and their technical equipment places high demands on the drone operations team. We inspect indoor and outdoor areas with a wide variety of drones. Hire us to make your work safer and more efficient.

Inspection of roofs and buildings by drone

With our drones we inspect roofs, facades and hard-to-reach interior and exterior areas of buildings and structures of all kinds.

The use and great benefit of drones for damage assessment or for preparing expert reports is still little known. Modern technology allows the drone to detect and document even the smallest damage to roofs. The use of drones makes your work safer and more efficient!

Inspection of burners and combustion chambers by drone

We inspect boilers and burners in power plants with pulverized coal firing by drone.

With the Flyability ELIOS drone we can visualize deformation, corrosion and erosion or coking in burners or boilers in power plants. Our drone inspection helps you to carry out inspections safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Inspection of pipe bridges and pipelines by drone

Inspection of pipes, spring hangers, constant hangers and compensators – even in hard-to-reach places by drone.

Pipe racks in indoor and outdoor areas can be inspected by us by drone. The use of drones in power plants is also possible. As a drone service company we inspect all pipe support systems such as spring hangers, constant hangers and also pipe compensators.

Internal inspection of steam turbines by drone

Steam turbines must be inspected regularly. Today, inspections are carried out with endoscopes as far as possible. Especially in large plants, however, this is not possible to a sufficient extent.

With our Flyability ELIOS industrial drone, we can fly directly through a manhole in the turbine housing, depending on the type of turbine, and produce excellent high-resolution and sufficiently bright images. It is not necessary to open the turbine and your employees do not have to put themselves in danger. Make your inspections safer and more efficient!

Surveying from the air by drone

Creation of 3D models, orthophotos, maps and stockpile measurement by drone.

Surveying technology is used in road construction, open-cast mining, steelworks, power stations and in the planning of new development areas. Aerial photographs taken by drone can also be used to survey difficult-to-access areas and areas with safety concerns, as the surveying technician does not need to enter the area. Hire us!

Inspection and monitoring of construction sites by drone

Construction site inspection and documentation by drone helps to meet deadlines and save costs.

The progress of construction is an elementary topic in construction projects from several aspects. The construction of industrial plants in particular requires the involvement of many external partners and their subcontractors. Individual construction phases must be accepted and documented so that there are no problems with the enforcement of possible warranty claims later on. Make your work faster and safer, hire us!

Detection of damage from the air by drone

Whether in the settlement of claims or for the conclusion of new contracts, taking pictures with our drone facilitates and accelerates the insurance-related work.

The recording of fire damage by drone can eliminate the need for a surveyor to enter the building. Especially in areas at risk of collapse, the drone can operate safely even in complete darkness. Our drone inspection makes your work safer and faster!

Aerial photos by drone

We take aerial photographs of buildings, structures and technical installations for trade, industry, asset management, facility management and many other sectors by drone.

Aerial photographs are ideal for depicting companies, power plants, buildings, technical facilities and much more from the best possible perspective and in context with the surroundings. In addition to producing aerial photographs, we also take high-resolution and shake-free videos of structures, buildings, ships and other assets and properties.

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