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How to become a professional drone pilot

The use of drones has a disruptive effect on many established industries. Starting with aerial photography and videography. Today’s drone pilots therefore come from a wide variety of industries or are lateral entrants, for example with background knowledge of model making or model flying or the respective industries in which they are now active. A classical training consisting of theory and practice as a drone pilot does not exist so far.

Flyability ELIOS 2 Drohne

Flyability ELIOS 2 Drone

Hire the FLYABILITY ELIOS 2 + Pilot Experienced drone pilots Available 24/7 throughout Europe Perfect documentation Data delivery via own cloud system Kopterflug – safe, fast and cost-effective drone inspections. We use state-of-the-art equipment. Our operations team will fully coordinate the drone operation with you, obtain all necessary permits, travel to your locations and carry…

Flyability ELIOS Drohne

Flyability ELIOS Drone

With the Flyability ELIOS drone the inspection of inaccessible places is possible. The ELIOS has a diameter of 400mm and fits through small manholes. Unique only to the ELIOS: The entire flying robot is gimballed in a protective cage (consisting of carbon fibre rods), which on the one hand serves as protection and on the other hand, due to its shape, is also able to roll or dock along system parts and structures.